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S & S Systems Consultants, Inc. - Special Recognition
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Special Recognition

S & S Systems Consultants, Inc. has received certifications for proficiency and awards for projects. Some of them are shown below.

Senior consultant, Andrew Sobey, Jr. had received a BA in Mathematics and a Masters Degree in Computing Science. These diplomas indicated he had completed college and earned a degree, but did not demonstrate proficiency in the Data Processing Industry. Two years out of school he sat for a five part proficiency test sanctioned by the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals. He passed all five parts and earned a CDP certificate.

Andrew Sobey, Jr., CDP, earned the Cutler-Hammer Marketing Award in 1996 for his work on the introduction of a new line of Enclosed Control. His part in the project consisted of writing an engineering program that produced a bill of material from a smart catalog number. The smart catalog number allowed for more than a million combinations of devices, and a feature of the program allowed for substitution of parts based on 'mods' supplied as accessories. The bills of material that were created were passed to a MAPICS system for processing, and the system could supply bills of material for up to 4 OEM manufacturers.

Andrew Sobey, Jr., CDP, was part of a team that converted the Westinghouse St. Louis Assemblies plant from a COPICS business system to a MAPICS business system. The project reduced operational costs, freed up 10% of manufacturing floor space, and improved efficiency. The system supported just-in-time manufacturing, KANBAN, and total quality management. The project was submitted to the Westinghouse Information Systems Advisory Council (ISAC) committee for its 1989 annual competition of information systems projects and the project won the 1989 ISAC Award.

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